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Skin care: Zeze’s top tips to feel fabulous

There are many factors that impact our skin on a daily basis, some of which can be controlled by our skin care routine, while others are inescapable. The cold weather can be extremely harmful, and hot weather can cause dry and burnt skin. Stress, as well as the food you eat, can lead to skin […]

New year’s day: Resolutions in 15 seconds

New Year’s Day arrived, together with the usual new resolutions.  Keeping it simple and sharing your purposes with friends and family help you stick to them. Stuck? Our top tip involves focusing on what motivates and inspires you. Write four of them down, as well as what they mean to you and what can be […]

Maleé in the UK: CEW Beauty Awards

Another step in our journey to take Malée out of sub-Saharan Africa: the Beauty Awards. Follow us behind the scenes for our very first demo night at our very first beauty award entry in the UK. This time, it is with CEW (short for Cosmetic Executive Women) a.k.a the industry Oscars. Judged by industry peers, […]

Skin care: Our active ingredients

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our skin plays an immense role in our overall health and well being, and this is why it needs to be specially protected and carefully cherished. What we eat and drink during the day, as well as what we put on it during our daily skin care routine, contributes to its natural beauty and health. […]

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