Tradition and science: the key to our skin care products

Expertly formulated and diligently packaged, the making of each Malée skin care product and fragrance is a marriage of the old and new, tradition and science.

After studying age-old African skin care routines and remedies in her Africa travels, Malée founder, Zeze, found that there was a treasure trove of effective skin care science hidden in these centuries old African skin care remedies that had been forgotten and only passed on without ceremony from one generation to another, losing one expert formula each time.

When it comes to supple and smooth skin, some African tribes had come to perfect the art over centuries of trial and error, undoubtedly but most importantly, without the assistance of science or man-made ingredients. These ‘village’ remedies, locked away like treasures undiscovered, held the key to simple, effective, skin-loving, healthy formulas.

Every tribe has its own special remedy, affected by climate differences and locally grown ingredients. One thing was consistent: there was no ‘single’ special ingredient that promised to fix a particular problem. What made these remedies special was the combination of ingredients.

Fast forward to modern day and the benefits of scientific research, these combinations were essentially power bombs. Rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, moisture and elasticity boosting ingredients, they were pure magic. Magic, given that the benefits of a lot of these widely available plant oils and butter would only be found many centuries later.

Borrowing from these old learnings, each Malée product borrows from these age-old formulations, slightly improved by science to make sure that it does what it says on the box, bottle or jar, and combined with unique aromatherapy fragrances that transport you to a part of the African landscape.

A sensory journey through Africa you will certainly experience.

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