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Our top 10 travel essentials

Infected with the Wanderlust bug and offices in South Africa and London, travelling is something we do quite a bit. Our top 10 travel essential items that you need for stress-free are: Passport No explanation needed. This is the most important item in your bag. Check beforehand that you have at least 2 free unstamped […]

Skin care: Summer beauty hacks

The answers you wish the sales rep told you when you asked about a product with our summer skin care beauty hacks guide. What is the best way to use a body scrub? Exfoliating is most effective when practiced only once a week in your skin care routine. It’s important not to over-scrub (more than […]

Perfume: Scents for the summer

Perfumes bring out a beautiful relationship between scents and senses. Chemically, this relationship has a lot to do with heat and chemical reactions, making our skin the best place for this intricate dance. Our first tip and probably the one that needs a more scientific explanation due its popularity: Apply your Eau de Perfume to […]

Skin care to beat the post-summer blues

With summer coming to an end, you might have found yourself feeling a little down in the dumps. The days are getting shorter, your skin is changing, the sunshine has disappeared and your tan has well and truly faded. Vacation time is officially over and you might be finding this change a little hard to […]

Skin care tips to achieve a velvet skin

Have you ever stood next to someone at a party, seen that image of your favourite star or on the beach and found yourself fixated by the flawless, supple, youthful look of their skin? And we don’t mean just the face. Most people think body and skin care maintenance is a pre-party, date, special occasion, […]

Summer skin care: 4 tips to keep it glowing

Summer is here and so are heat, humidity, and air conditioning. Most people worry about sun exposure during the summer months and give very little thought to what changes in temperature, humidity and constant exposure to air conditioning mean and their impact on your skin care routine.  Here are some of our fast fixes and […]

Beauty products and essentials for New Year’s Eve

A clutch bag is a must have this New Year’s Eve. However, while it looks pretty and dainty, there is often limited space! So packing the party essentials is, well… essential. To help you out, we have put together the ultimate beauty products that should be packed into your sparkly clutch bag this New Year’s […]

Our mindfulness routine

How often do you think “I’m so busy! I wish I had more time for myself!”, “I need more hours in the day!” or “I can’t make time for wellness. What does that even mean!?” The combination of work, running round after your kids (or partners!), socialising, and looking after yourself can be extremely challenging, […]

Skin care routine to feel like a celebrity

When we see the celebs, we can’t help thinking how amazing their looks are, how clear their skin is, wooing and wishing for a skin as beautiful and as perfect as that. The honest truth? There is a process behind beauty, so this week we thought it’d be a great idea to share what we […]

Skin care: Zeze’s top tips to feel fabulous

There are many factors that impact our skin on a daily basis, some of which can be controlled by our skin care routine, while others are inescapable. The cold weather can be extremely harmful, and hot weather can cause dry and burnt skin. Stress, as well as the food you eat, can lead to skin […]

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