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Skin care: How to use our Verdure Moisturising Oil

The Verdure Moisturising Oil is a potent blend of natural sweet almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil and rosehip oil, a perfect formula to include in any skin care routine. Rich in vitamin, fatty acid, moisture and hydration. Its non greasy formula is fast penetrating, lightweight, nourishing and luxurious. An uplifting and revitalising scent (Verdure) […]

Skin care: Moisturising, the key to flawless skin

Did you know the skin on your body is dryer than your face? What most people don’t realise is that using a moisturiser on your body is an incredibly important part of your daily skin care routine. Are you always on the run? Don’t have time to wait for moisturiser to dry? Malée’s Conditioning Body […]

Skin care: Winter wonder hands

Our hands and faces are the most exposed areas of our bodies, so we should pay special attention to them during our skin care routine. Looking after them with hand cream and body cream is important. Treat, protect and nourish your hands as you would do with your face. They go everywhere with you. They […]

Winter skin care routine

For most, winter skin equals lots of layers of clothing, only to be seen in spring when layers are no longer needed and showing more skin is on the agenda. Whilst most people think that skin care routines such as exfoliating should be kept for special occasions only, research has proven that it should be […]

Skin care products: How to read the ingredient sheet

Perfecting a skin care routine isn’t always easy, and the scientific ingredients list on the back doesn’t always help. It’s important to know what you are putting on your skin and the best way to do this is by having the ability to decipher an ingredients list.  So here are our handy hacks for decoding […]

Room spray: The best home scents

We’re in the midst of the festive party season and, as we begin preparing for Christmas drinks, lunches and dinners, ambience, music and room spray is on our minds! Fill your home with the uplifting and revitalising scent and fragrance of our Verdure Room Mist that will take you and your guests on a journey […]

How to shop online at Malée

If you like it, buy it! Our top tips to shop online in our website: Convenience at your fingertips. Have you run out of your favourite product? Don’t worry, you can shop the full range here.   For shopping online, simply select your favourite Malée product and add it to your basket. We offer Next Day* […]

Skin care: Zeze’s top tips to feel fabulous

There are many factors that impact our skin on a daily basis, some of which can be controlled by our skin care routine, while others are inescapable. The cold weather can be extremely harmful, and hot weather can cause dry and burnt skin. Stress, as well as the food you eat, can lead to skin […]

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