DIY: How to make a flower crown

A flower crown is a simple and elegant party accessory. This is how you can make your own floral halo:   

What you’ll need:

  • A small roll of florist tape (you can buy this at your local florist, or shops such as Hobby craft will also sell this).
  • Florist wire (you can also buy this at your local florist).
  • Flowers of your choice, we chose natural flowers but you can also use artificial flowers.
  • Hair spray, if you want to dry your headpiece.

What you need to do:

  1. Collect all the ingredients together and unwrap the flowers from their packaging.

  2. Take 5 florist wires and bind them together with the florist tape. To do this, you will need to stretch the tape as you wind round; the heat from your fingers will stick the tape to the wire. Do the same with another 5 wires and then bind these two together (overlapping slightly in the middle) to make a long piece of wire.

  3. Place the wire around your head, making a halo. Take note of where you need to tie the wire and secure in place using florist tape. If the wire is very long, you can remove the excess wire or you can alternatively tape it to reinforce the base of your headpiece. It is very important that all ends of the wire are covered with tape to avoid discomfort while wearing it.

  4. Pick the natural or artificial flowers that you want to add to your headpiece, removing the flower from the stalk, and leave a short stem. This will allow you to attach each flower to the base.

  5. Once you have chosen all the flowers you are going to use, place these on top of the base and arrange flowers until you are happy with the display.

  6. Gently pull away the flowers in small bundles, this will help avoid mistakes and allows you to see the final result of the headpiece before starting.

  7. Take a florist wire and cut this into four pieces. This needs to be roughly the length of your palm.

  8. Pierce the flower stem with the wire and wrap both wire and stem with the florist tape, making sure this is pulled tight to ensure that it sticks.

  9. Once you have taped all of the flowers you have chosen to use, gently place them on the base of the headpiece and wrap the remaining wire around the base to secure the flower in place.

  10. Repeat the above process with all the flowers until the headpiece is completely covered and you are happy with the result.

Easy? Just add wellies and your favourite dress and you have just landed yourself the perfect party outfit! Perfect for summer weddings too!

Want to keep your headpiece to remember the sunshine and fun times? Simply spray it using hair spray twice a day for 2 weeks allowing the flowers to dry. Keep in a safe and dry place.

Floral halo


The Malée Team x

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