Skin care: Summer beauty hacks

The answers you wish the sales rep told you when you asked about a product with our summer skin care beauty hacks guide.

What is the best way to use a body scrub?

Exfoliating is most effective when practiced only once a week in your skin care routine. It’s important not to over-scrub (more than once a week, as you will cause damage to younger skin cells).
In this case, less is more. More pressure doesn’t necessarily mean better exfoliation. Formula is key, a good scrub should exfoliate and nourish without breaking or disrupting the barriers of your skin.
Prolong your tan even after the sun fades. To do this, a consistent scrub and moisture routine 6 – 8 weeks before your holiday in the sun is essential. This routine will ensure that, with healthy sun exposure, your tan will be there long after the sun has taken its hat off.

Our recommendation

  • Apply the Verdure Body Scrub in large circular motions with a light pressure to get rid of dead skin cells, to reveal and nourish the new healthy skin. No need to scrub hard, let the salt and sugar granules do all the work. Don’t forget to massage larger areas like your thighs and décolletage. Smaller circular motions will create a little more pressure on problem/dryer areas such as knees, heels and elbows to soften, nourish and reveal glowing skin. The consistent circular motions and pressure will also help and improve blood circulation.
  • To activate the scrub, dampen your hands with a little water to turn the Verdure Body Scrub into like milk for extra hydration before rinsing off.

What is best after a long flight to reduce post flight puffiness?

A lymphatic drainage massage on arrival is not always possible after a flight to your favourite holiday destination, but don’t let that post flight puffiness get in the way of day one bikini confidence.

Our recommendation

Turn your moisturiser into a heel treatment, after sun treatment and lymphatic drainage oil without having to spend all morning at the spa:

  • Bath oil: For added moisture to your bath, a few drops while you fill the tub with lukewarm water will help. The added burst of our invigorating Verdure scent will get you in the holiday mood, pronto!

  • After sun treatment: Leave our Verdure Body Moisturising Oil in the fridge for the duration of your summer holiday. Apply the cool oil after your day in the sun and after every shower. Doing so will help calm irritated skin instantly once applied; hydrate for plump healthy looking skin and act as a cold compress.

  • Lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling: Apply the cool oil, straight from the fridge, with upwards strokes from your ankles towards your knees with medium pressure to banish aching muscles and reduce puffiness. Follow up with healthy servings of water and say goodbye to all that aeroplane water retention.

  • Heel Treatment: Apply a generous amount of our Verdure Moisturising Oil while feet are still damp and then throw on some comfy socks (we recommend bamboo). Head to bed and wake up with softer, smoother and happy feet. Make the most out of your oil by giving your hands the same treatment, just throw some bamboo gloves on and sleep your way to silky soft hands.

  • Frizzy Hair: While you keep your hand moisture to preserve your manicure, run your hands through your hair lightly to tame those stubborn strands.

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