Perfume: Scents for the summer

Perfumes bring out a beautiful relationship between scents and senses. Chemically, this relationship has a lot to do with heat and chemical reactions, making our skin the best place for this intricate dance.
Our first tip and probably the one that needs a more scientific explanation due its popularity: Apply your Eau de Perfume to your pulse points. Your pulse points are the only place on the body where your blood vessels lie closely to the skin. A good site for a perfume to begin its journey of unravelling its notes as the heat from your pulse points will help this chemical reaction.
Spray or dab. Do not rub! Rubbing breaks the molecules of your fragrance makeup and can either change it or kill it.
Choose a perfume with strong base notes. The first 10 mins of any fragrance are the top notes coming out to play. A little fleeting hello, nice to meet you! The heart notes, usually warm herbs or spices, start showing in the following hour; they stick around long enough to blend in with your base notes. Four hours and up later, the power of your base notes determine if they have a woody, oriental or long lasting fragrance.
Perhaps, the most overlooked and most important of tips is: Know your skin type. No matter how good a perfume is, if you aren’t matching your buying choices to your skin type, it isn’t going to last as long. The dryer your skin, the higher essential oil concentration to alcohol your skin needs. Eau de Perfume, Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette are all technical indications of this ratio. The higher the alcohol content, the quicker it evaporates from dry skin. Keeping your skin moisturised and applying perfume to moisturised skin helps it last longer. We recommend ‘layering’. Wear a moisturiser in the same scent as your perfume to extend it.

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