Skin care tips to achieve a velvet skin

Have you ever stood next to someone at a party, seen that image of your favourite star or on the beach and found yourself fixated by the flawless, supple, youthful look of their skin? And we don’t mean just the face. Most people think body and skin care maintenance is a pre-party, date, special occasion, and even a pre-holiday or as part of your daily routine.

Over the years, we have the idea of skin care routines that extend beyond your face, which have stripped, reinstated and stripped away as trends change. The idea of taking time out on a daily or weekly basis to work on the parts of your skin that you will only show when using a skirt, cocktail dress, as well as the shoulder, elbow, hand and arm skin, has been considered indulgent.

If you are spending a lot of money on your face, why forgetting about the rest of your body?

Quick fixes with makeup or fake tan might offer temporary solutions for that impromptu dinner party, but the difference in skin texture will reveal your well-hidden secret.

The extra 10 mins in bed every morning can’t be ignored if you just somehow forgot moisturising the rest of your body. The angst and concern to wait for the moisturiser to sink in before you can put on your clothes and dash out the door. The extra 10 minutes for a scrub before running that bath on a Sunday.

If this usually happens to you, we have a secret to let you in on. The idea of a successful skin care routine is making sure that you pick one that you sustain over time. In the long run, your skin will thank you for it.

Uneven skin tone, blemishes, scarring and congested skin? Not on your face?

Full body scrub, a back facial, lasers, peels and microdermabrasion. Save some money and turn your very own bathroom into a luxury home spa that can give you results with little effort.

  1. Verdure Moisturising Oil in your bath will bump up the hydration levels.
  2. Spend time exfoliating the skin at least once a month; the circular motions will help boost circulation. Our Conditioning Body Scrub does the work, so you only need to do light circular motions. In contact with water, it turns into a milky substance so no weird petrochemical beads lurking at the base of your bath can dig into your skin while you try to drift into indulgent me-time.
  3. Moisturise your skin daily using our Conditioning Body Cream, which is non greasy, absorbs quickly and is a real dream to apply. Up the ante in dryer climates and give yourself the extra 10 mins on the weekend by massaging your skin with your favourite oil or moisturiser. You can even turn it into a treatment for dryer areas. Click here to learn how.
  4. They say you can tell a woman’s age and where she has been by her hands. Our Nourishing Hand Cream is a great bedside table, desk and handbag companion. Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto the palms of your hands and rub together to warm and spread it evenly all over your hands. Pay attention to dryer areas such as knuckles, cuticles and nails, and massage these areas with our nourishing hand cream. Repeat as often as needed. To turn your hand cream into a treatment, follow the steps above using with a pair of bamboo gloves before bed and sleep your way to silky soft hands.

Treat your body as you pamper your face. It also needs TLC. The skin on your body can be much drier than your face.

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